Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More on Palm Springs: The modern tour

One of the coolest things about Palm Springs isn't the 87 golf courses or the insane, burning heat. It's the mid-century modern homes. They are truly to die for. We printed out some map of the supposed best houses to check out, and realized pretty quickly that just driving around produced some jaw-dropping results.

This is what it looks like if you live in a fancier Palm Springs house. That view! I always had a half an eye on the ground, though, because I don't like scorpions. Or snakes. Or tarantulas. Luckily, I saw none.

Now this place was just one I happened by. It appears to have a crazy 80s metallic door. Awesome!

This I believe is Elvis and Priscilla's honeymoon hideaway or some such nonsense. It did not thrill me all that much.

This house I loved for its clean lines and, well, whiteness.

And my favorite of all, this cute little unassuming one in charcoal gray with bright fushia and orange flowers outside. Perfect!

Here's a great resource for a self-guided tour of the mid-century homes in Palm Springs. I think it would also be great to check out Modernism Week if you were so inclined. It's next week, so get your tickets quick!

And if you're not sure what mid-century modern architecture is, or why it's still relevant, check out this blog's 10 Forgotten Lessons of Mid-Century Modern Design. I wish I had a cool mid-century house. Ho-hum, I guess my 70s ranch will have to do for now!

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