Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look what I made: Fall display

Last weekend I was in Palm Springs. It was 107 the first day I got there. Today, I woke up and looked at the thermometer and it was 36. Thirty six. Like, a couple degrees above freezing. So, I guess that, and the fact that it literally is now fall, make me think more about picking pumpkins and eating apple pie than hitting the pool.

I gathered up a bunch of things the kids and I have been collecting around the house and neighborhood and threw them on a cute little tray I had stashed away. It took me about 6 minutes, and I think it turned out cute, right?

 (pictured here: a sunflower from our garden, a bird's nest that fell out of the tree, some cattails from down at our park, pinecones, a Delicata squash, and a mini pumpkin all on a cute vintage tray)

That's my idea of good decorating. It takes under 10 minutes, costs nothing, and looks like Martha Stewart lives here.

Got any other good fall decorating ideas?

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