Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome to the new Vintage Stuff Love blog!

Not that I grew up poor or underprivileged by any means, but we grew up frugal. Sometimes when I tell other people what we did as a family, or as individuals, to make ends meet, I get strange looks. And it sounds weird to hear the stories coming out of my mouth, because they’re kind of far away. Like a sound you hear while you’re still asleep, and you’re trying hard to come to the surface of your consciousness but it’s just not happening. You hear it, but it’s still kind of a dull, faraway sound.

Like here’s one: my dad used to trap muskrats for money. And here’s another one: my mom had to sell her guitar to buy us Christmas gifts one year. See? It sounds weird, like it’s from a memoir about someone else. But these are the true folklores of my family. We had some awesome times without much money, don’t get me wrong.

We spent a lot of time at garage sales picking up odds and ends and this and that, and if it broke or wore out, so what. I really did come to appreciate the quirky, old, vintage stuff too, though, and so even though I don’t think I’m hung up on material stuff, I really have come to appreciate the value of old stuff. In fact, I’m obsessed with old stuff. Some of my happiest times are when I’m digging through old stuff and finding those hidden treasures.

One of my favorite stories is how I bought a lovely vintage sweater from an old lady at a garage sale when I was just in high school. I said to myself “Someday, I’m going to wear this in my wedding.” And, years, later, that’s exactly what I did. And it was beautiful.

This blog is new, but it’s not my first blog. But this blog is incredibly special to me, because it’s about how to live life frugally, and appreciate the value of the material possessions you have. It’s about me, my family, my love of vintage things, and about the good times that can be had doing simple things with simple means. I hope you enjoy the adventure!

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