Friday, September 21, 2012

Momcation 2012: The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Recently I got to take a trip to Palm Springs.My friend was getting married, then he wasn't. And he didn't.  It's a long story. But my girlfriend and I already had our flight arrangements and, well, it just couldn't be prevented. Oh, darn. Must take trip to lovely city and stay at amazing hotel (puts back of hand to forehead and swoons). While we were there, we talked about our friend and his unfortunate marriage outcome, and yes, we mourned for him. How better to mourn than in the massive jacuzzi, right? I kid. It sucked to keep thinking about how my friend must have been feeling.

Here's the cuteness that is the Ace hotel

And here's where we played a Scrabble game we picked up at the Angel View Thrift Store till the wee hours of the evening (for us moms that's 10 p.m.)

We ate virtually every meal here at the Kings Highway, because, um, the food ROCKED! It was a-ma-zing. And the vegetarian options were plentiful.

We didn't ride these complementary bikes, but our excuse was that it was 100 degrees the whole time we were there. We did make it to the complementary yoga session, though.

Did I mention the food? Mmmm chilaquiles and coffee. Yes, please.

If you're headed to Palm Springs, you must check out the Ace. When I have a minute, I'll also be posting more about the cutest little Palm Springs road trip, Idyllwild.

Now, where to go on our next momcation?

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