Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween: vintage costumes

Got your Halloween costume ready? Yeah, me neither. I'm kind of the night before kind of gal. Or 20 minutes before. This year, though, I had a little fun looking for some costumes online. Here are my ideas to get you started...

Undead Homecoming Queen
beautiful pink salmon party cocktail dress - halloween  - costume

Pink party dress by mittenthings on Etsy

Do it yourself zombification

Minnie Pearl
Vintage 1960s Square Dance Dress. Full Skirt. White and Red Floral Print. Eyelet Cotton, Metal Zipper. Size S/M
Vintage square dance dress by PARASOLVintage on Etsy

Vintage Ladies Hat, Lace Ribbon and Bow, Size Medium

Just hang a price tag off this cute hat from SuzisCornerBoutique on Etsy and you're all set!

Michael Jackson Thriller
lady thriller  -  vtg 80s 'Quilted Space Bib' Red Zip-up Track Jacket - M / L
Vintage Michael Jackson jacket by RecycledStylez on Etsy

vintage 80s 90s GH BASS burgundy weejun loafer / womens size 8 C
Those unmistakable penny loafers by ThePerennialPast on Etsy

Okay, did that get you thinking? Here's the Pinterest board I started to collect kids costume ideas. Please share your in the comments, too!

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