Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage embroidery

A few weeks ago I scored a few really old (40s?) embroidery patterns and this week I gave one a test drive. Spoiler alert: if you are a friend of mine expecting a baby soon, avert your eyes! If you aren't familiar with embroidery, you usually transfer the pattern onto fabric with an iron. The design transfers onto the fabric so you can stitch over it, but also washes off afterwards so what you have left is your finished product, not the lines.
Here's the result (close eyes preggo friend):

The photo doesn't totally do it justice. It turned out cute, thankfully, because I haven't done any embroidery for years. There are zillions of resources out there, but I bookmarked the Home Sewing Projects site because it gave me a good refresher on the basic stitches. For this project, I mostly used the outline stitch.

If you haven't ever done embroidery before, I highly recommend it. I was even teaching my 4-year-old and he really enjoyed putting the needle in and seeing the colored thread start to form pictures. It's great for kids to learn small motor skills and they get a kick out of seeing what they can make.


  1. So now I suppose you are going to want to steal all those super kewl iron on transfers I scored at the estate sale! Oh, alright, you can have them!

  2. I love those old embroidery transfer patterns. I have a few you might like to see. I also have some of "my baby clothes", about 68 years old now that are beautifully embroidered by my mom, and of course all home-made and hand stitched. I believe you know my mom...lovingly called the "Casino Queen" at age 90!


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